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On the Influence of Wind Turbines on Radars On the Influence of Wind Turbines on Radars HOT

Emmanuel Van Lil, Dave Trappeniers, Antoine Van de Capelle


Previous studies have been focusing on the influence of moving objects like wind turbines on aeronautical and maritime radars, working usually respectively in the L/S band and in the X-band. Here, those results will be summarized for a special kind of radars, usually working in the C band, namely meteorological radars. We have used both UTD methods as well as simplified methods to quantize the effects. Indeed, not many moment method solvers have the possibility to deal with moving objects (creating Doppler shifts), but with UTD it is within easy reach of the modern computers. However, for some particular applications, the procedures can be simplified to quantize efficiently the near-fields around moving objects. After a description of the general phenomena, two simplified methods will be compared. The first consists in a Physical Optics based method, and the second does make use of the flat wedge approximation.

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