JohnThe Principal is John Aitken. John has been a consultant in railway communications for over thirty years. Prior to involvement in the railway industry he worked with Telstra’s forebears for ten years in radio and cable systems construction. He has extensive experience in radio and television broadcasting. In 1983 John founded Aitken & Partners, a consulting engineering practice which specialises in communications engineering.

After work on microwave systems for the Queensland electrification project and mobile radio systems for mines in the Pilbara, John was responsible for specification of the Sydney Metronet train radio system. He was the engineer for much of the development of Countrynet in (NSW), pioneering the use of GPS and satellite telephone systems for railways.This was followed by the Pacific National AWARE locomotive system and the Pacific National Communications Control Centre (CCC) project.

Jeanette Aitken, Senior Engineer, Aitken & PartnersJeanette Aitken is a senior engineer. Possessing qualifications in engineering, training, assessment, auditing, problem solving, improvement methodologies, sustainability and project management, Jeanette has experience in each of these areas in a number of industries, including biomedical, railways, broadcasting, cables and manufacturing.

Her background includes Quality Management and representation of organisations during regulatory and certification audits. She has dealt with regulatory, certification, and testing bodies including TUV, TGA, TCA, FDA, NATA, TELARC SAI, BSI Global and SAI Global.

Jeanette specialises in quality issues, resilience engineering and electromagnetic compatibility. She has experience in vital communication systems for railways and has developed training materials for optical fibre communication systems. Jeanette is the CEO of Competency Australia.