Consulting Engineers specialising in Communications and Electromagnetic Compatibility

Railway Signalling


Signalling and train detection compliance demonstration and documentation to AS 7505 and EN 50238 for all types of rolling stock.

Aitken & Partners provides full project management, documentation and coordination for all test projects. Ambiguity often arises in the signalling interface standards and rail infrastructure manager requirements - we are experienced in negotiating solutions to get your rolling stock on track.

Our practical approach, experience and sophisticated equipment save you time and money.

Wheel rail

Radiated Emissions

88 Class

Compliance demonstration and documentation to EN 50121 for rolling stock, trackside systems, infrastructure and the entire railway.

From the initial EMC Management Plan, through component selection and compliance verification to the final product, we are here to support you.

We provide independent verification, field testing and consultancy services. Our clients include ARTC, Pacific National, Freightquip, DTEI, Aurecon, Hyder. Vehicle types tested include coal wagon, passenger coach, diesel-electric locomotive, electric locomotive, track machine, shunting tractor, high rail vehicle.

Horizontal Accel

EMC Investigation

Unusual event

Sometimes strange events occur, often with serious impact. Aitken & Partners specialises in identifying and correcting these problems.

Extensive experience in electromagnetic compatibility is the basis of a systematic approach to investigation. We couple this with an extensive array of test equipment, antennas and probes.

Problems we have investigated include ECP crosstalk, RF tag reading faults, induction from locomotive traction systems and communication system performance degradation due to antenna system design and desensitisation.

Measuring earth current on axle

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Aitken & Partners offers training courses in communications, train detection, electromagnetic compatibility and iESM through Competency Australia.